License Plate FAQ

What does the $50 fee include?

The fee includes a one-time specialty license fee of $25 and a $25 contribution to The Friends of Valley Forge Park which is fully tax deductible.

What is the cost to renew my specialty license plate in future years?

Renewing your specialty plate (after initial purchase/registration) will occur annually with the state of Pennsylvania at the current renewal fee set by the state ($36).

Is purchasing a $50 Specialty License Plate a fully tax deductible donation?

No. The tax deductible portion of your Specialty License Plate purchase is limited to $25.

Can I personalize my License Plate?

Yes, for an additional fee of $100, your plate can contain up to 5 letters and numbers in combination of your choice. The additional fee of $100 covers the cost of your personalization plate order only and will not renew your vehicle’s registration. Please allow 8–10 weeks for delivery of personalized special organization plate.

How long will it take to receive my Specialty License Plate?

Incoming applications are collected monthly and submitted by the Friends to the state for processing. The process usually takes 8–10 weeks, however recent changes in the processing of license plate payments by the PA Department of Transportation seem to be taking longer than usual. We will do our best to keep you informed.

I’ve already renewed my PA plate registration this year. Does purchasing a new specialty plate mean that I have to re-enroll/repay my registration fee again?

No. Your plate registration remains under the same annual cycle with the state of PA. The state will simply replace your plate registration with a new number. All else remains the same.